Information Security

INS integrates real-time threat protection with automation features to streamline policy processes, event responses, management, audits, and reporting. With powerful solutions that keep you compliant, manage risk, and protect your critical infrastructure, INS enables you to focus on business priorities beyond security. From providing a comprehensive and actionable look at the biggest risks facing your business, to helping your enterprise meet industry and government regulations, INS approach simplifies security, saving you time, effort, and expense.

INS Offers

comprehensive solutions to manage your risk, from network security to data security, endpoint security-to-security services. With cutting-edge technology, hardware and services, we can help you create an end-to-end strategy tailored to meet your needs.

  • Secured Data Center and Virtualization – Protect high-value data and data center resources with threat defense, secured virtualization, segmentation and policy control
  • Next Generation Firewalls – Blocking forced entry through policy enforcement and application identification
  • Intrusion Detection & Protection Platforms – Identifying and blocking vulnerabilities in platforms and applications
  • DDoS Gateway – Protecting against volumetric and low level targeted assaults through the use of “Distributed Denial of Service” attacks
  • Threat Defense – Gain visibility into Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and other stealthy, targeted attacks within your network interior
  • Data Protection – Discover and monitor the location and flow of sensitive data. Educate users and enforce controls to prevent loss of sensitive data through email, web, PCs, smartphones, and more
  • Secured Access – Enhance network visibility and control with identity-aware secured access solutions
  • Secured Mobility – Get more secured mobile connectivity with SSL VPN, IPsec, IPv4, IPv6 over IPv4 tunnelling, web security and network access manager
  • Secured Email & Web – Protect your organization from evolving email and web threats
  • Identity & Access Management – Providing employees with the right access to business-critical information should via identity management and access governance
  • Security Compliance & Risk Management – Reduce risk, ensure systems and data security, and automates regulatory compliance

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